Poster Inspirations

This poster here is one of my inspirations for my poster project. I love the pasted on and busy look of this japanese posters. With one of my posters, I tried to turn this idea into my own interpretation. It is one of my favorite projects yet, and something I will continue to work on even after this class..

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Geisha Makeup

Geisha makeup is a ancient tradition. It is done very carefully and skillfully by the Geisha women. The traditional makeup of an apprentice geisha features a thick white base with red lipstick and red and black accents around the eyes and eyebrows. Here in this link, you can see how it is traditionally applied. Watch how skilled and smoothly this woman puts on her makeup!

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Poster Project

Our current project is to pick a song that is lyric less or lyrics you do not understand and make a poster (the music must inspire you). I chose a song by the japanese pop group, Kalafina. I love them, and the song To the Beginning is beautiful and used in the anime, Fate Zero. I’m excited to show my final results for this project at finals week in our typography class!

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Here is my latest work in Digital Applications I. Our class had to make websites from different categories, such as narrative, business, portfolio, etc.. I chose a business website based on my closest family friend, Amy Johnson’s hair salon. Although she has been very busy and unable to get back to me on information, I did the best I could.

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Group Project

Here are mine and Lena’s final for our text image-trace project. We did it on sleeping habits of a horse. We used a blue and white gradient in the background to resemble the sky. We also used the silhouette of a horse standing and laying down to show how a horse can and does sleep.

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During thanksgiving break I had the privilege to attend a hmong thanksgiving. My boyfriend, (who is hmong), had a thanksgiving similar to our own. His family is actually Christian instead of Shaman. So their thanksgiving was relatively like our own, except they prayed before eating their meal and dug in. Their food was however different. It was more Asian style type of food with curry, rice, hmong sausage, spring rolls, greens, turkey and chicken, and other types of hmong dishes. In hmong cultural, they eat rice with their meals and also mostly everything is very spicy. I have come to learn that hmong spicy and Hispanic spicy are two totally different. My tongue experienced a harsh experience during that thanksgiving with them. Not only that, but it is considered polite to eat everything on their plate, and sometimes, they pile it on your plate whether you like it or not. So when you eat over at a hmong house, you MUST come hungry. 

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The Milwaukee public museum is holding an exhibit called, The Scoop on Poop. Basically, I learned about what animals left behind from the dinosaur age. It was pretty interesting, and also sort of gross at the same time. I learned about what poop is and how animals along with humans use it. Poop is used by animals to build homes, hide, attract mates, (some even eat it…EW), etc… Some tribesmen use it, companies use it, farmers use it, etc… I learned how scientist figured out all about an animal when it leaves its poop behind.  It was a very easy to understand exhibit. It was mostly for kids, and it was kind of funny to hear all the kids go, “ewww!” It was colorful and inviting. It captured the kid and both adult audiences with its scientific facts and children like colors. 

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Theater Production

As a class in Women’s History, we went to see the Shakespeare’s Women production here at Stritch. The production was lovely. There was an outdoor garden with a little table and two chairs type of set with two benches on either side at an angle along the seats of the audience. There were vines along these stone like walls with beautiful decoration of flowers that were made by one of the girls I’ve known at Stritch since freshman year. The actors and actresses held power, emotion, and passion in their voice. They are actors and actresses that we are very proud to have at our university. They remembered all their lines, reciting some of the hardest lines I ever heard.  The lines in Macbeth were my favorite because it was so passionately told. It was my very first production at Stritch, and the talent here is amazing.

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I am in love!

Love the cinematic video for there newest character on League Of Legends. Jinx is not your typical looking character. She is “bad to the bone” and is always creating mischief. They did a really good job in making her unique and different than anything they ever made before.

(Source: battlebunny-riven, via leagueoflegends)

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Made this quickly in In Design for our assignment in Digital Applications 1. It is just an article with some placeholder text. It has 3 images and a header + sub header.

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Blog Post 20

My secret house! Not really, I found this in the woods on an adventure and decided to stick my word on it. It’s pretty secretive how the this “house” was even formed. It had a lot of spider webs and… I didn’t want to go crawling in to find out what else was in there. 

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Blog Post 19

This photograph, I kept it in color for our black and white assignment. If it was black and white, it would take away the “secret” of this photo. I played with the blur at the tree line and sharpened and blurred the dead grass. Can you tell what the secret is of this photo?

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